Mac Starter Kit: Essential Apps for your Mac

Mac Starter Kit: Essential Apps for your Mac



For all Mac Users out there, you've pretty much got an expensive paper weight if you're not going to fill your Mac with a bucketload of apps that you can use from everything; these days, you've got apps for everything you can want to make your day easier and more convenient!

This is a Mac Starter Kit, where newbies to the world of the Mac will be introduced to essential apps that they must have for their Mac so that they will have a more convenient, smoother, and more enjoyable experience.

If you feel that there are apps that you think should be in any Mac user's starter kit, let us know in the comments/suggestions!

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Remindie for Mac logo App

Remindie for Mac

If you're the type that regularly forgets important occasions, this little baby will be a lifesaver! Be reminded of birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, and never spend the night on the couch again.
CloudApp logo App


If you hate the hassle of transferring large files slowly, then you're going to love having CloudApp in your Mac. All you need to do is drag and drop the file in this app, and all your friends will be able to download the same file via the CloudApp clipboard. No more hassle, no more waiting!
Koku for mac logo App

Koku for mac

If you need some help managing your personal finance, or if you want all your finance information at your fingertips, then Koku is the app that you've been waiting for. Koku allows you to save all your personal financial information neatly and quickly.
Alfred logo App


Imagine having your very own butler inside your Mac that will allow you to use your system faster and easier. What's more, it's even named Alfred! Alfred is an app that will help you launch apps, search your files, and even search the web for what you need.
Screeny logo App


This is a must have for everyone who loves editing movies, clips, and other video files. With just a few click of your mouse, you can drag, re-size, or copy any image while keeping the exact dimensions you need.
Wallpaper Wizard: HD Wallpapers Collection logo App

Wallpaper Wizard: HD Wallpapers Collection

All work and no play...well, you know the rest! If you love adding a little bit of beauty to your computer system, then this is the app for you. Wallpaper Wizard gives you access to dozens of HD wallpapers so you can choose exactly how you want to spruce up your Mac.
Growl logo App


Growl is the perfect app for users who love knowing everything that is going on in their Mac system. This app will instantly update you in real time regarding all notifications and updates in your installed Mac applications.

Topics covered:

Launchers & Task Managers

Screen / Video Capture



P2P & file sharing

Personal Finance

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